MARCH 24-25 2018

Pencak Silat Dallas will host a weapons-focused Pencak Silat Mande Muda Seminar at the Golden Acorn Academy in Allen Texas 11AM-5PM Saturday and Sunday.

Location: 600S.Jupiter Rd Allen Texas USA 75002.

Nearby at McDermott and I-75 are many food and lodging accommodations for those coming in from out of town....including a Starbucks !

Price: $150/ $80 for 1 day

The training is open to beginners as well as experienced silat students. We should have some"loaner" equipment available. With this being weapons focused , we have some suggestions for preparations.


Recommended gear: 

  • eye protection

  • Golok- a simple standard 28-30 inch rattan kali stick should suffice

  • Pisau ( knife)- a soft safe rubber trainer

  • Tongkat Panjang- a rattan staff 5-6 ft

  • Tongkat Pendek- short rattan sticks - best measured along one's forearm from tip of index finger to 1 inch past elbow then cut to that length. A pair is recommended.

  • Sarung- Waistcloth. A suitable trainer can be made from cotton fabric found at walmart or fabric shops,measured 92-96 inches and sewn together at the ends. Some authentic ones may be available at the seminar.





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