SUWANDA ACADEMY, Location in Lembang, West Java Indonesia. This is the logo for the training center of Pencak Silat Mande Muda

PSA-USA (Pencak Silat Association United States Of America) Recognized by Indonesian Government organization IPSI, & PPSI.

IPSI (Ikatan Pencak Silat Seluruh Indonesia) is the government organization for Pencak Silat, located in Jakarta. Overseeing Pencak Silat of all of Indonesia.

PPSI (Persatuan Pencak Silat Seluruh Indonesia) is the government Pencak Silat Organization , location in West java, Indonesia. Overseeing Pencak Silat coming from West Java.

PERSILAT, is the International Organization made up of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapure, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand.

I am connected to these organizations. They have guided me to what I have become today. The President of IPSI has been pushing me to make Pencak Silat grow in the USA. My father and he were close friends. I try to do my best to spread the arts in the way that I believe is right and hope to make my father and his friend proud. And to all the Pendekars in West Java, I thank you for being there with me when I needed them, even with my father gone, they still believe in my father's dream that I have been carrying with me as I travel around the world , to spread and expose the art where-ever I go. In addition I am proud to be instrumental to Pencak Silat Mande Muda and having the support and backing to create the Suwanda Academy and the Pencak Silat Association - United States Of America.